But first let me say a sincere THANK YOU to [livejournal.com profile] ala_tariel, [livejournal.com profile] anastdean, [livejournal.com profile] ckll, and [livejournal.com profile] gatorgrrrl. My dearests, your wonderful gifts are much appreciated. ♥

Now, here's what made me "bouncing" in my seat: I just ran into an article @ comicbookmovie where Anne Rice discussed Lestat, Twilight, and Robert Downey, Jr. (among other actors). Here's an excerpt that made me chortle:
[In regard to Stephenie Meyer and Twilight] ...And she did this stroke of genius thing of having these menacing vampires go to high school. [Laughs.] Which, in a way, I thought was incredibly ridiculous. Because what immortal would spend his time going to high school over and over like that? Go to Katmandu or Memphis or Rio De Janiero or Rome! But it was a stroke of genius, because it gave great pleasure to millions of kids. So its’ very interesting. But I think what makes it work is that old tried-and-true woman’s romance formula, which is rooted in psychology.
Later on, Anne Rice also discussed which actors she thinks are good candidates for playing her characters. She named quite a few, and of course, being a faithful fan!girl, only this really caught my attention:
Jamie Bamber, he’s terrific, I was just watching him last night in England’s Law & Order. I’d seen him on Battlestar Galactica, but I’d never seen him unleash that beautiful diction.
While I'm squeeing in delight, I can't help wishing someone would show Ms. Rice some episodes of Supernatural as well! *wistful*
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( Oct. 21st, 2010 12:07 pm)
I can't seem to get Cambridge out of my mind. I went searching for the famous poem written by the modern Chinese (romantic) poet 徐志摩 (Xu Zhimo) who studied in Cambridge University in the early 1920s. It's called 「再别康桥」or "Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" in English.  The poem was written after Xu left Cambridge for home in 1928. I didn't know this when I was there, but in 2008, they put a white marble stone at the back of King's College with inscriptions from this poem to commemorate Xu. 

While I was searching for the full text of the poem, I also found a really good English translation of the work from wikipedia.   

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