Hello journal, it has been a while.  The last entry I posted was before I went to Beijing to see the Olympics two months ago.  I haven't been online much since then.  I'm sure I'm quite forgotten by now.

Another thing I haven't done lately either was watching TV since BSG went on hiatus in June.  But tonight, I broke my abstinence at last, and it's all because The Mentalist premiered on CBS!

I confess: before Jamie Bamber, before Lee, it was Simon Baker and his alter ego Nick Fallin that was my obsession.  Never mind the two actors couldn't have been more different other than the "easy on the eye thing".  Anyway, I learned the news of Simon's upcoming new project on CBS way back in May, and I've been waiting patiently for it to air ever since.

But I almost forgot about the premier had I not caught the local radio host plugging for it on my way to work this morning.  My ears pricked up immediately when Simon's name was mentioned.  I was delighted when the host all but admitted he finds the new show promising because of its star.  Apparently the host not only knew who Simon was, he liked him as well!

Now that I've seen the premier, I incline to agree with the radio host.

Click here for what I thought of the show... ) 

I vowed never to watch another CBS show again when they took The Guardian off the air, back in 2004.

I kinda broke that promise by watching a *taped* episode of "Cold Case" - Blood on the Tracks, in which Jamie Bamber guest-starred last year.  But this is different...

Simon Baker is coming back to CBS in a new show called "The Mentalist".  Squee!

The show is about a man (starring Simon Baker) who helps investigators solve tough cases while searching for the murderer of his wife and child.

Sounds a bit similar to the other crime-dramas on TV these days?  Maybe so.  But I'm heartened by the fact David Nutter is billed as the director, and Bruno Heller as the writer.

Apparently David Nutter has directed shows like "Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "The Sopranos", "Supernatural", "Without a Trace", "The X Files", etc., and Bruno Heller was one of the writer/creator of "Rome" (unfortunately he was also the executive producer of "Bionic Woman", but so was David Eick, heh).

Interested?  Here's a link to a preview clip.

Is the girl beside Simon the actress who played Veronica in Prison Break?!  Yay!

ETA:  I now have a new quote (after watching the clip 10th time):

"He irks me...  He's irksome."

Gotta love the 2 second pause he put in-between the line, and The Walking Out.  After all this time, I still *love* seeing Nick Simon's back... ;)



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