It's Tuesday again, and time for another episode from the now defunct CBS drama The Guardian.  Here's the fifth episode of Season One, called Paternity.  This time Nick has to find a suitable home for a kid who suffers from  neurofibro-something, which means he's wheelchair bound and needs constant supervision.  Meanwhile, at his corporate law office, Nick had a visit from childhood friend Rachel that Burton wasn't too thrilled with.

Other tidbits from this episode:  Nick yells at Laurie in court, and they exchange several murderous looks.  Also Nick walks out on Burton, who tries to apologize to his son!  Gotta love the father-and-son angst!

Here it is, the fourth episode of Season One, titled The Men from the Boys.

I've actually never seen this episode before on TV--I missed the original airing and managed always missing the reruns as well.  I love the part about Burton's birthday, and how awkward it is for Nick to give his father a birthday present.

Equally interesting is Burton's reaction to Nick's present.  He is obviously surprised and pleased.  Too bad Nick balked after he presented his dad the gift and Burton only got to say thanks to Nick's retreating back!  It's so sad to see Burton's despondency after Nick walked out, and it's obvious he knew that lunch date with Nick was never going to happen!

Oh, and here's one of the Nickism from this episode:  "Too much testosterone from the alpha male makes the other men in the room seem weak."

And here's another (Nick to Alvin):  "Next time, don't give me a case because you think I'll go around the rules you're too afraid to break!"
Today is Tuesday again.  I woke up feeling rather sad because of the aftermath of yesterday's tragic shooting rampage at Virginia Tech where a gunman killed 33 people including himself.

Then I was greeted by the announcement made by [profile] falconer17  at [community profile] bamber_news  of the very drool-worthy pictures of Jamie & Tricia from the Calabasas Statement magazine that she posted at falcy's scroll.

But, as I said earlier--today is Tuesday. So it means time to switch on my Guardian hat and post another episode. This one is called Reunion, and it is the continuation of the Hunter story arc we've seen since the pilot. Also in this episode, there is the story line involving James and his nephew.

It's been awhile since I've seen this. I forgot how "naughty" Nick can be!
Today is Tuesday! Time to post another episode of The Guardian. This one is titled Lolita.  Here's a brief synopsis of the episode:

Working as child advocate for Children's Legal Service (CLS), Nick must place a teenage girl who accused her stepfather of rape in a suitable home. On the corporate business side, Nick tries to convince his dad Burton Fallin to take a client who has ties to Burton's past. Also in this episode, Nick forms an unlikely friendship with Barbara, the secretary at CLS.

Interesting facts learned from this episode:
  • The Fallins are from Denora, a blue collar town near Pittsburgh, but Nick doesn't identify with that side of the family.
  • Barbara likes to drink coffee, and won't hesitate to ask some lawyer to get it for her! ;-)
  • Nick can deadpan like no other!
  • Barbara thinks old man Clayton is a regular Richard Cory, and he ran a crappy fiefdom.
  • Barbara can dance!
  • Apparently lawyers don't dance in public!
  • Nick's office at CLS is formally a broom closet.
  • Nick is loosing $350,000 billable hours working in CLS -- that translates to roughly $233 per hour!
I'm really bored with BSG being on hiatus.  I got my hands on some old recorded episodes of The Guardian, and I've converted the format into MPEG4 so that I can upload it on YouTube.

TG is a legal drama set in Pittsburgh.  It is not an ensemble cast show like BSG.  It features the central character Nick Fallin, along with his father Burton Fallin and alternative mentor/father figure Alvin Masterson.  Like BSG, the show has a very complicated father and son relationship. Through unique circumstance, Nick Fallin is forced to straddle two very different worlds--the world of corporate law and the world of children's legal service.  If anyone thinks Lee Adama has personal demons and faults, Nick Fallin is at least twice as much so.  Nick turns out to be a "guardian angel" who has long lost his halo.

So here it is--introducing the very first episode of the show--the Pilot.  Unfortunately YouTube limits the video length to 10 minutes.  Therefore I had to break the episode into 5 parts.



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