Alas, RL caught up with me, and I became the newest victim of computer woes. All of a sudden my trusted laptop refused to get charged up, and is drained of all power juice. I finally took it to the Apple store today and found -- thank goodness -- it was the charger problem not the computer itself. Still, a new charger cost me $79 plus tax! *facepalm*

Anyway I thought to get my thoughts on the last episode out before the finale tomorrow, so here they are:

My grumble and ramble behind the cut, beware of spoilers and speculations... )
First of all, thanks to [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for my newest icon. I refer to it as my "Sfumato Dean" because the effect of what she did to the screencap reminded me of the famous technique perfected by Leonardo Da Vinci. The icon is ideal for what I'm trying to say in this post because I feel the word (sfumato) can be used to described the tonality of this episode, and by that I don't mean the actual color and lighting of the scenes per se.

My rambling musings behind the cut... )
Okay let me try this -- my internet connection is very spotty. I hope it's not gonna choke on me. Anyway, this is not my normal long-winded review (thank god), but after watching this kick-ass and gratifying 100th episode, I'm left with this

burning question... )
I don't have a whole lot to say about this one. I just want to knock it out so I can move on.

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This is well over a week late.  But what the heck, I do have a few things to say about this episode.

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As it turned out, writing a review for this episode hasn't been easy because my emotions were conflicted. I really shouldn't let fictional characters get to me so much. In fact, I should just focus on the eye candies sometimes. However, it was catharsis for me to write down how I felt, so here it goes...

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This is rather late, but I had an excuse this time.  I went away to Vegas the day after the show premiered.  I tried to post my thoughts via iPhone's in the car, but the app sucks.  It *ate* the entire content of my post!  Lesson learned:  the app is only good when you post something small, and don't ever rely on the "Save Draft" option.

Rant over, let's try this again:  Supernatural launched season 5 with a BANG last Thursday!

And I don't mean just the episode itself.  The fans of the show surely deserve a huge pat on the back for their ardent promotion of the show!  By now many of you may heard the story of How Supernatural broke Twitter.  Apparently life imitates art, or at least virtually in this case.  The "epic" battle between "Lucifer" and "God" in Twitterland even found its way to Fox News last Thursday. Who would have thought this little genre show's season premier would make a resounding splash?

And now onto the episode itself, here's what I thought:

Spoilers for - 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil - tucked behind cut... )
xwacky: Dean from Supernatural (spn brothers opposite)
( May. 8th, 2009 09:12 am)
Needless to say this week's Supernatural installment broke me. In a very bad way.

I've watched enough preview clips beforehand to know this is not a feel good episode. Still, when the credits started rolling, all I wanted to do was screaming at the TV set, or hurl something at it. But, 'm not a violent person, and I was at friend's house.

So where do I begin? My mind is still a bit jumbled with the onslaught of emotions. ::sigh::

My thoughts on "When the Levee Breaks"... )

Ha!  I'm stuck on past tense.  This is a couple of weeks late.  But better late than never.  I love this installment too much to not  write down some of my thoughts (with a few screencaps I made).

Oh yeah, I saw the episode (late).


Before anything else, I don't think it's spoilery to say this episode showcased how awesome an actor Jensen Ackles is.  As story goes, this one dished out surprising information/answers as well as teased a few new questions.

The episode as I see it... )

Well, I've been busy, I've been lazy, and I've been in hiding.  But apparently I haven't let up on my obsession!

If anything, it had grown since the end of last year.  Thanks to [ profile] silwyna, [ profile] evening_spirit, and Apollo's Lady, I now "officially" add "Supernatural" to my obsess list.  I do not know why it took me so long to give this show a try, [ profile] silwyna had recommended it to me eons ago:  it centers on two main characters (which I prefer over a large ensemble);  and it features CUTE lead actors!

Actually, scratch that.  I do know the reason for my initial reluctance.  It's because the show has the word "Horror" attached to it!  Truthfully I'm not too keen on the genre.  But then I went to Chicago, met with fellow Realmers, and watched "Pulse 2" together.  If I could sit through that movie, I had no more excuse left, did I?! :p

So I gave Season One a try during the Thanksgiving break.  The Pilot gave me the shivers.  Thankfully I was able to get distracted by Dean's pretty eyes and Sam's cute dimples. ;)  But by the third episode "Dead in the Water", I was suitably impressed!  Not only did I notice the pretty stylish camera shots of the lake, I was pleasantly surprised by the glimpses of depth in the character (Dean).  When I got to the season finale, I was hooked on the cleverly laid plot twists and the intense chemistry between the actors.  The shocking last few minutes of the season had me rushing to the store to get my hands on more DVDs. I started to tackle Season Two during my vacation in Madrid before Christmas.  By the beginning of January, I already finished the 3rd Season, and mostly caught up with the 4th up to the mid-season finale!  The show was that addictive.

Long story short, I think Supernatural transcends its genre.  It's engaging because of its honest-to-goodness story telling led by its creator Eric Kripke; and because it's superbly acted, especially by Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester.  Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) despite being a little green in the beginning, improved much as the show went on.  Together Jensen and Jared brought to life such a dynamic relationship, I couldn't help but being sucked right in!  Also what's amazing to me is unlike most TV shows that often experience growing pains in later seasons (my favorite shows The Guardian and Battlestar Galactic included), Supernatural never meandered.  Each season in my opinion is better than the previous, and the characters were nicely laid out and grew steadily over the years.  Kudos to Mr. Kripke!

So I was ecstatic when mid January rolled around.  Imagine, my two favorite TV shows premiering back-to-back!  Thursdays and Fridays have never been better! :D

The following is my quick take on the episodes aired during the last four weeks.

Spoiler Alert: Supernatural 4.11, 4.12, 4.13, 4.14... )

Next time, it shall be all about Battlestar Galactica. ;)


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