After the annoyance I described in the previous post, it's so gratifying to read this lovely report "Jammin’ With Jensen and Jason" @ fangasmthebook. There were many parts in the report that moved me deeply. My favorite in particular is this passage:

The next song was another Ray LaMontagne song, “God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise” – it’s sad, haunting, full of longing, and Jensen’s voice carried all the emotion eloquently. After, he confided that some of the lyrics seemed to perfectly evoke his loneliness sometimes, alone in his trailer in the Vancouver rain, as he sang “the rain’s about to drive us all insane.” One of the things that makes music so moving and so personal is that it does pull for those feelings, whether you’re listening or playing, and the moment of shared vulnerability made the performance quietly powerful.

The complete report can be accessed here. Go read it because it's awesome; it's the next best thing beside seeing the performance live. I can't thank the ladies at fangasmthbook enough for sharing their experience with us so eloquently.

ETA1: Here's another lovely report. Thank you so much [ profile] winsangel, you lucky girl!
ETA2: Another heartfelt blog by MediaChick @ indiechicks wordpress blogsite.
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( Oct. 1st, 2010 10:18 am)
What a coincidence. Yesterday I saw the "Word of the Day" prompt from my Dictionary app showing the word lucifugous (meaning avoiding light). Less than half hour later, I ran into a new collaborative fic by [ profile] leonidaslion (author) and [ profile] dreamlittleyo (artist). It's called Sing Your Hymns Like Angels in Defeat (link to the master post). It's a post Apocalypse AU story, and is divided in three parts: "Requiem", "Nocturne", and "Oratorio". The work truly is as lyrical as these titles suggest. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that these two each is fabulous in her own right; together they are team dynamite! Oh, I don't think it's spoilery for me to say this since it's established early on that the story features blind!Dean. Also it's Sam/Dean with a past established relationship.
Summary: And Lucifer Fell for a second time with the burning brilliance of a star. The Flare shone in his wake, and darkness fell upon the land ...
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( Sep. 30th, 2010 01:42 pm)
I read a lovely missing scene co-written by [ profile] triquetralmoon and [ profile] wave_obscura called The Ache.

Summary:  Missing scene from 6.01. hurt!sick!Dean This will probably be Kripke'd immediately, but - it gets inside Sam's head.

My Note: it has my favorite theme which is hurt!Dean + protective!Sam. It's GEN, although the Sam here is quite possessive about Dean too. Also I adore the line Sam said to the curious cousin Gwen who was a tad too obsessed about Dean's "delicate features" (I wonder if anyone can guess which one it is). Oh, there's callback to Dean's resemblance to Mary from Samuel as well so it's not a wonder I loved it so much.
Whoooo, [ profile] fleshflutter is running a comment-fic meme at her place. Click the image below to head over!

The Sam and Dean are reunited (or Dean at least finds out Sam isn't dead) comment-fic meme

Read more... )
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( Dec. 24th, 2009 05:20 pm)

To all my dear friends:

Unfortunately I lack the time and talent to make a beautiful personalized Dean and Sam greeting to celebrate the occasion.  Still I want to wish you all a happy holiday.  Hope you enjoy every moment you spend with your loved ones. *huggles*

And [ profile] dreams_of_honey dear, thank you so much for the lovely Bear Claus! ♥

But guess what?! Although I don't have the talent to make anything creative this year, I wished the ever awesome [ profile] adrenalineshots would write a hurt!Dean fic for the holiday. To prove her awesomeness, she ended up writing not one (where Dean's not having any luck after leaving 'TV Land') but two (where there's Nasty Hell flashbacks and huguity hugs)! What an expected treat and I'm hugging both fics close to my heart!
I'm pushing this old entry back to the top to update the list of stories I've read so far.  The stories are listed in the order I read them.  I'm a slow reader, and there are so many wonderful stories to choose from from this year's Big Bang!  But of all these I read, I love them...

These are the stories I have read so far... ) 



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