Thanks to [ profile] mrsr58 for the heads up, there's a great article (despite some inaccuracies) from The New York Times about "Supernatural". It's titled Heaven, Hell, Brothers and an Impala. Here's an excerpt:
In the absence of “Battlestar Galactica,” which ended its run two years ago, “Supernatural” is easily the most theistic series on television, its worldview rooted in the idea that a war is raging between heaven and hell. During the series’s first three seasons Dean, who speaks as if he were trying for chief-executive authority by forcing his voice down a few octaves, had been an atheist. (Let’s leave aside the fact that there are far easier avenues of employment for nonbelievers than combating Satan.) But saved by a surly angel during a bout of spiritual ugliness in the fourth season, Dean reconsiders his thinking.
I was at local Borders today and saw the newest edition of the Supernatural Official Magazine. I don't have the time to make the scan yet. The perennial J2 interview IMO mostly consists the same stuff we've already read/heard anyway. But there's a segment of Sera Gamble's interview really caught my attention, mainly because she was asked a question that I had previously wondered about a lot.

Sera Gamble Interview Snippet... )
Alas, RL caught up with me, and I became the newest victim of computer woes. All of a sudden my trusted laptop refused to get charged up, and is drained of all power juice. I finally took it to the Apple store today and found -- thank goodness -- it was the charger problem not the computer itself. Still, a new charger cost me $79 plus tax! *facepalm*

Anyway I thought to get my thoughts on the last episode out before the finale tomorrow, so here they are:

My grumble and ramble behind the cut, beware of spoilers and speculations... )
First of all, thanks to [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l for my newest icon. I refer to it as my "Sfumato Dean" because the effect of what she did to the screencap reminded me of the famous technique perfected by Leonardo Da Vinci. The icon is ideal for what I'm trying to say in this post because I feel the word (sfumato) can be used to described the tonality of this episode, and by that I don't mean the actual color and lighting of the scenes per se.

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Found on BuddyTV -- to celebrate Supernatural reaching its 100th episode, they put together 100 funniest quotes from the show.

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Okay let me try this -- my internet connection is very spotty. I hope it's not gonna choke on me. Anyway, this is not my normal long-winded review (thank god), but after watching this kick-ass and gratifying 100th episode, I'm left with this

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I don't have a whole lot to say about this one. I just want to knock it out so I can move on.

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This is well over a week late.  But what the heck, I do have a few things to say about this episode.

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So sorry to spam my flist with this series of magazine scans. I promise this is the last one for this issue. Without further ado, votes are in...

~ for all my friends and fellow fans overseas; no copyright infringements are intended; consider this as a preview ~

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The winter hiatus is over! Supernatural is coming back tonight on CW.  The collective sigh echoed throughout fandom is heard even in Twitterland:  #TheBoysAreBack was reportedly among the top 10 trending topic this morning until it was blocked.  The "funny" thing is I'm so used to long drawn out hiatus from watching Battlestar Galactica, two months of waiting felt like nothing to me these days.

Still, I'm excited.  And I've been thinking about the show and season 5 lately, especially after seeing the Favorite Scene picspam by  [ profile] layne67 last night.  In particular, I was pondering over my favorite episode "The End" and the mid season cliffhanger "Abandon All Hopes" (note both episodes are written by Ben Edlund) when a small light bulb went off in my head:

WARNING: 5.04 & 5.10 spoilers alert --  Is it true that... )

ETA:  Spoiler picture from 5.14 )
As it turned out, writing a review for this episode hasn't been easy because my emotions were conflicted. I really shouldn't let fictional characters get to me so much. In fact, I should just focus on the eye candies sometimes. However, it was catharsis for me to write down how I felt, so here it goes...

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I have this evil plan where I want to infect gift all my friends with love for Supernatural. Top on my list is [ profile] stilettos81 (whom some of you may remember from back in the BSG days.) So what do I do? I dropped 4 boxes of DVDs on her head! Anyway, she crammed in four seasons of the show within weeks (bless her heart) and wrote me an email voicing her thoughts at the completion of the 4th season. Previously she dropped me a quick line at the start of season four saying she wasn't quite sure how she would like the whole angel business. And this is her reflection after finishing the whole season:

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Okay, I don't do this often, as matter of fact, never before. But I'm overly excited about the 4th episode of Season 5. It's scheduled to air on Thursday, October 1. Before then, here's a peek at some of the episode stills that are just released. Being a Dean!girl, I'm only reposting those that featured Dean. For a complete list, check out here @ SF Universe (beware of spoilers).

Spoilery pictures behind cut... )

ETA:  additional links to hires pictures are added, courtesy of [ profile] anastdean!  Thanks hon *blowing kisses your way*
This is rather late, but I had an excuse this time.  I went away to Vegas the day after the show premiered.  I tried to post my thoughts via iPhone's in the car, but the app sucks.  It *ate* the entire content of my post!  Lesson learned:  the app is only good when you post something small, and don't ever rely on the "Save Draft" option.

Rant over, let's try this again:  Supernatural launched season 5 with a BANG last Thursday!

And I don't mean just the episode itself.  The fans of the show surely deserve a huge pat on the back for their ardent promotion of the show!  By now many of you may heard the story of How Supernatural broke Twitter.  Apparently life imitates art, or at least virtually in this case.  The "epic" battle between "Lucifer" and "God" in Twitterland even found its way to Fox News last Thursday. Who would have thought this little genre show's season premier would make a resounding splash?

And now onto the episode itself, here's what I thought:

Spoilers for - 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil - tucked behind cut... )


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