This is rather late, but I didn't have time to post this over the weekend.  Which meant I had additional time to organize my thoughts.

Okay, I admit it.  I cheated!

For reasons beyond my understanding, the UK viewers got to see this episode three days ahead of us.  Lucky them!  Amongst all the tidbit spoilers available online, I couldn't stand it anymore.  It's either get spoiled before Friday night, or get the .avi file and watch it on small screen.  So I downloaded.

Thus, I had an extra day to chew on what I saw.  I still watched the show on Friday night though, twice.  I loved it that much.

Before I go on any further, let me just get my fangirl squee out of the way:  Lee + Red!Shirt = OTP!

So I skipped BSG this Friday.

Why bother? With so much bitterness and discontent I built against the show for the past two weeks, I elected to go to the beach for a party around bonfire instead.

Picture this: in the pleasantly warm night, I sat by the glowing fire, drinks in hand, and moping.

I was bored.

My girlfriends happily chatted and caught up on popular tv shows like Grey's Anatomy. They were discussing the latest lustful or romantic escapades of McSteamy and McDreamy.

"You are all gushing over happy meals?!" Increduously I chimed in.

For that, I got what I deserved -- a proper friendly rib on how I need to get in touch with reality and acquaint myself with the popular culture.

Heh, not so long ago, I prided myself for being immersed in pop-cultures (yes, I meant plural). Did BSG ruin me?!

I realize I sounded like an ungrateful b****. The thing is, I love parties and beach bonfires -- so long as they are not on BSG nights!

To add salt to injury, I read the post from [profile] asta77, in which she enthused on how much she loved the show that night. ::groan::

Okay, I learned my lesson: any BSG is better than none...

Luckily, all is not lost. BSG re-aired on Sunday night.

I'm still digesting last night's episode.

I can't quite decide how I feel about it.  The following is my initial thoughts:

Yay! Finally a new episode I'm excited about!

This is one of those television hours that it pays off for the viewers to abstain from knowing anything beforehand.  If I had known what was coming, the thrill would have been less, I'm sure.  So note to self: avoid spoilers by all means from now on.

This comes a bit late. But as I was busy with RL lately, I haven't got the time to sit down and put down my thoughts until now.

Like most fans, I eagerly awaited BSG's new season to start. However, the luck would have it that on the day the season premiered, I endured an unfortunate house break-in. ::sigh::

Perhaps because of that, my reception of the first two episodes was less than what I had anticipated.


The followings are my runaway scattered thoughts...

Here are my thoughts on the 3-part finale.  Actually they are more of a scene-by-scene analysis.  Usually when Lee is involved, my attention is 100% focused on the show.  When there are juicy father and son scenes, my emotion and thoughts tend to run amok. :p  Long story short, sorry for the rambling.  By the way, I've wrote these thoughts a little while ago right after the individual episode was aired.  I decided to lump them all together here in one post.

Thoughts on "The Son Also Rises":

Thoughts on "Crossroads, part 1"

Thoughts on "Crossroads, part 2"



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