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I just read the following (excerpt) regarding The CW's November Sweep Highlights. Can't say I'm not green with jealous:

SMALLVILLE – "Patriot" (8:00-9:00 p.m.) DC COMICS CHARACTER AQUAMAN RETURNS WITH HIS WIFE MERA; TOM WELLING DIRECTS AND MICHAL HOGAN ("BATTLESTAR GALACTICA") GUEST STARS AS COL SLADE. – in an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver (Justin Hartley) decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade (guest star Michael Hogan, "Battlestar Galactica").

Seriously, Michael Hogan! Col Tigh! When can Supernatural get him to guest star? Want it so bad I can weep.

(Note: the article linked above contain synopsis of SPN episodes scheduled for November as well)
Yes, Supernatural won! People's Choice Award that is!  Congratulations to Eric Kripke, his writing team, and the entire cast & crew for a well deserved win.

This victory is especially sweet to me 'coz it feels like my choice mattered (though in reality it made no difference).  Back in Nov 09, xo_disaster_ox posted @ [livejournal.com profile] dean_sam urging fans to vote for our show.  I remember I had trouble voting because it had to be done via text message for this particular category (why they made it so hard I have no clue).  I almost gave up if not for [livejournal.com profile] strgazr04 explaining to me what to do.  So thanks to both that I was able to cast my vote!

Perhaps awards don't mean much except for a pat on the back in the grand scheme of things, but one thing for sure is "Supernatural" has garnered some serious attention lately.  First, at the end of last year, it was on several influential news media's Top Shows of 2009 lists, of which Chicago Tribune's came as no surprise since Maureen Ryan (Gods, I love her featureblog) is an outspoken fan; and I squeed like a mad fangirl when New York Time's Mike Hale named it among his 10 Memorable TV Shows of 2009.

But it didn't stop there.  "Supernatural" also won "Best TV Show" on the Total Sci-Fi Awards 2009; and its Season 5 episode "The End" was #28 on The Futon Critic's The 50 Best Episodes of 2009 list.  The latter particularly caught my attention since "The End" is one of my all time favorite SPN episodes.  It's true Jensen Ackles practically carried the hour there, but all of his co-stars, from Jared Padalecki to Misha Collins, Kurt Fuller, and Robert Benedict all put in impressive works.  Add in the ingenuous special effects (hello, double Dean), soundtrack, and set design, the episode gave me an hour of unforgettable entertainment.

Speaking of The Futon Critic, on the same list I mentioned above, "Battlestar Galactica" season 4.5 episode "The Oath" was listed as #22.  The editorial's last comment: The final episodes of "Galactica" definitely had their issues, but darn if "The Oath" wasn't among the show's best summed up my feelings splendidly.  BSG 4.5 may have disappointed me on many fronts, but that particular story arc had me riveted all the way through.

Call me strange, I can't talk about "Battlestar Galactica" without thinking of its alum Jamie Bamber.  Coincidentally, there was a little blurb on The Guardian yesterday talking about what the "Law & Order: UK" star did on his day off (thank you [livejournal.com profile] asta77 for the heads up).  Here's a little excerpt:
Jamie Griffith was completely humiliated in front of his children, as others shot past on an assortment of brilliantly coloured sledges and toboggans – together with 17- and 18-year-old brother and sister Tariq and Annie Miller on a sledge hijacked from a toddler – and he slithered miserably down in low gear on his oven tray. He tried a black bin liner, with no more impressive results.

As he hopefully put the oven tray into a bin liner and tried again, another child shot past on the Bugatti of the Richmond hill toboggans, a vintage model borrowed from a Swedish family, with curved steel and wooden runners, wooden seat and sheepskin seat cover. "Wrong sort of snow," Griffith muttered.

He turned out to be a fugitive from Law & Order. The television series, in which he stars as Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin under his stage name Jamie Bamber, had wimpishly abandoned filming for the day.
The cuteness of this is making me want to weep.  Dammit, I want pictures.  And with that, I'm done (for now)!

ETA:  I lied.  I'm back again already.  I forgot to mention I just recently found out one of my favorite news correspondent Anderson Cooper is a newly converted fan of "Battlestar Galactica".  Apparently the people he works with couldn't stop teasing him about it.  What's up with that?!  He certainly deserves to be teased for watching "Real Housewives" IMO, but come on, BSG?  Really?  On the other hand, his co-anchor Erica Hill was nice enough to score a Season 4 promo poster from one of the producers for him.  The picture is the infamous "Last Super" promo shoot (point at my LJ header).  Heehee, that's really nice of her!  By the way, I found a link to a video where Andy is talking about addicted to BSG and...Crack Pie, two things he insisted go together. *smirk*  Relax, the "crack pie" turns out to be a cookie from a NYC bakery, apparently.  The funniest part is when he said he sent the cookie to his mother, and now his mother is addicted to crack...(pause)...pie.  LOL

ETA2:  Thanks to Mick, here's the link to the recipe of the Crack Pie...  And Anderson is stand corrected that the bakery is not "Milk" as he called it several times in the clip.  It's correct name is "Milk Bar".

ETA3:  Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ckll who informed me there are not one but three episodes from Supernatural on The Futon Critics' Top 50 Best Episodes 2009 list: #33 "The Real Ghostbusters", #28 "The End", and #18 "Changing Channels".  Although no episode made into the top 10, I do believe our show wins by making the most appearances here!
To start off, I must say I'm so very excited for tomorrow.  What's happening?  Well, BSG producer/writers Toni Graphia, David Weddle, and Bradley Thompson are coming to campus to give a panel discussion titled: "Battlestar Galactica and Beyond: Reflections on Futures."  I was delighted to meet Bradley Thompson the last time he came here two years ago.  I can't wait to see him again and listen to what he has to say!

I also did something today I never imagined I would do: [personal profile] evening_spirit convinced me to sign up to do the art work for Supernatural's Big Bang Challenge!  Eeeeek!  *Panicking a little*  Thanks hon for your encouragement and vote of confidence...

Now, back to the main reason why Thursday is super, Supernatural that is.  Tonight is the new episode Rapture where the brothers Dean gets to help Castiel! ♥ x-D
This is rather late, but I didn't have time to post this over the weekend.  Which meant I had additional time to organize my thoughts.

Okay, I admit it.  I cheated!

For reasons beyond my understanding, the UK viewers got to see this episode three days ahead of us.  Lucky them!  Amongst all the tidbit spoilers available online, I couldn't stand it anymore.  It's either get spoiled before Friday night, or get the .avi file and watch it on small screen.  So I downloaded.

Thus, I had an extra day to chew on what I saw.  I still watched the show on Friday night though, twice.  I loved it that much.

Before I go on any further, let me just get my fangirl squee out of the way:  Lee + Red!Shirt = OTP!

According to BuddyTV, a draw out mid season hiatus is looming over the horizon for BSG.

Face it, we all know it's coming for a long time.  But doesn't make it any less dreary to read about it.

On a higher note, just saw it at [community profile] bamber_news that Jamie Bamber, along with his fellow actors/actresses, is submitted by TPTB to the Emmy committee for their consideration.


Jamie is up in the "Best Supporting Actor" category for his work in "Sine Qua Non", the upcoming episode in 2 weeks (frakking mini hiatus).  Other actors submitted for the same episode include:  Eddie (EJO) for "Best Actor", and Michael (MH) also for "Best Supporting Actor".  Mary, James, Tricia, Grace, and Katee are submitted for various episodes as well.  Complete list can be found here.

I'm left wondering if I'd get another *good* father-and-son scene in two weeks.
So I skipped BSG this Friday.

Why bother? With so much bitterness and discontent I built against the show for the past two weeks, I elected to go to the beach for a party around bonfire instead.

Picture this: in the pleasantly warm night, I sat by the glowing fire, drinks in hand, and moping.

I was bored.

My girlfriends happily chatted and caught up on popular tv shows like Grey's Anatomy. They were discussing the latest lustful or romantic escapades of McSteamy and McDreamy.

"You are all gushing over happy meals?!" Increduously I chimed in.

For that, I got what I deserved -- a proper friendly rib on how I need to get in touch with reality and acquaint myself with the popular culture.

Heh, not so long ago, I prided myself for being immersed in pop-cultures (yes, I meant plural). Did BSG ruin me?!

I realize I sounded like an ungrateful b****. The thing is, I love parties and beach bonfires -- so long as they are not on BSG nights!

To add salt to injury, I read the post from [profile] asta77, in which she enthused on how much she loved the show that night. ::groan::

Okay, I learned my lesson: any BSG is better than none...

Luckily, all is not lost. BSG re-aired on Sunday night.

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Dear lord!  I'm so envious!

Just found out hours ago that hubby has a student who got invited to a private viewing party of BSG season 4 premier on April 5!

The party was held at a private residence in Malibu.  Bradley Thompson, David Weddle, and a bunch of other writers were present.  So was the composer (the student didn't know his name, but from his description, it has to be Bear McCreary), and other post production people.  There was only ONE actor showed up.  It was Jamie Bamber!!!

The student, a US Marine officer, was invited to the party by Bradley Thompson.  He got to know the writer because last year, Bradley came to the school to give a talk about Battlestar Galactica.  Incidentally, I went to the talk as well, and wrote a report about the experience (see the thread discussion at The Adama Realm).  After the talk, Bradley handed out several of his business cards to people (he really was very nice).  I got one too! :b  But I never thought to contact him because I didn't want to bug the "poor" guy.

But the student had somehow got in touch with Bradley privately and invited him to his wedding last year.  And Bradley showed up!  Thus was the beginning of a friendship...

The student told me he had gotten a tour of the production office in LA, as well as Bradley Thompson and David Weddle's office.  He said the two writers have desks against each other, and they face each other everyday!  Bradley said he had worked with David for so long, longer than his past marriage(s) in fact!  Bradley jokingly dubbed it as the longest relationship he's ever had.  But one time, Bradley and David had gotten on each other's nerves, and had to go to professional counseling to resolve their differences! LOL

I had to ask the student what he thought of Jamie (by the way, Kerry was there too).  He said Jamie was very nice.  They talked about Jamie's experience with the Blue Angels.  Jamie was very proud of the fact he didn't throw up when the Blue Angel did the "stunts."  The student took the opportunity and paid compliment to Jamie, sincerely, that he thought Jamie's portrayal of a military officer was the best on the show!  I'm sure coming from a real Marine officer, that meant a lot to Jamie! :)

I couldn't help myself and asked him if he had found out any spoilers.  But then I followed with "Don't tell me!  Don't tell me!  I don't want to know!"  He laughed and said he didn't want to know either and didn't bother to dig.  Phew.

ETA: The party was held at the community center/club house of a residential area, not a private residence.
I'm still digesting last night's episode.

I can't quite decide how I feel about it.  The following is my initial thoughts:

Yay! Finally a new episode I'm excited about!

This is one of those television hours that it pays off for the viewers to abstain from knowing anything beforehand.  If I had known what was coming, the thrill would have been less, I'm sure.  So note to self: avoid spoilers by all means from now on.

This comes a bit late. But as I was busy with RL lately, I haven't got the time to sit down and put down my thoughts until now.

Like most fans, I eagerly awaited BSG's new season to start. However, the luck would have it that on the day the season premiered, I endured an unfortunate house break-in. ::sigh::

Perhaps because of that, my reception of the first two episodes was less than what I had anticipated.


The followings are my runaway scattered thoughts...

Argh!  I'm a nervous wreck right now.

Found out a little while back that BSG is having a limited theatrical release on November 12 at selected cities.  Lo and behold--San Francisco is one of the "lucky" cities! Needless to say I registered online as soon as I found out about the event.  But, but, but...  while the website promised "someone" would contact me via email within 24 hours, I never heard from them again.

Anyway, I'm still planning on driving 1 1/2 hour to the theater tonight.  {{fingers crossed}}

Looks like Scifi is saving money on promotional artworks--they just replaced Starbuck with Cain?!  WTF?  But I'm not complaining since the Adamas are at the fore-front!
So I'm standing in the line next to the microphone, alternating from admiring Jamie, and trying to catch what was being said.  Here are what I can remember:

A fan asked the actors if there ever was an instant when he/she hesitated to get behind his/her character's actions the script dictated.  Mary gave the example of Roslin's endorsement on genocide.  She said it was not something she wanted to do.  But she tried to open her mind to the character and the situation.  Factoring in the very persuasive producers, she turned herself around and committed to portraying Roslin's stance on the show.

A fan voiced the thought in many of our minds that we are reluctant to say goodbye to BSG.  He wanted to know what's the likelihood the story would move on beyond season 4 in a feature film.  Ron said it's not very likely.  He had always intended for BSG to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Once it's ended, it will be a definitive ending.  So there will not be any story past season 4.  He mentioned they did work on the project Caprica which predates BSG in time line.  When he said that, some people clapped.  Ron got excited a little and told us to clap harder for Caprica.  I do wonder what happened to that project--are they still working on it, put it on hold, or did it get nipped in the bud?  Having just watched an episode of BSG on the big screen, I think it's such a pity there won't be a feature film.

A guy wanted to know from the actors what inspirations did they drew to play the Admiral, the President, the CAG, and the hotshot pilot, and how they expanded these roles and made them engrossing characters.  Katee was the first one to answer.  She said when she first got the role, she had never seen the original series because she wasn't born when it was aired!   She explained she modeled Starbuck after her brother.  In fact she said Starbuck IS her brother--a strong, capable, and emotional man.  He's temperamental, but fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves.

After Katee finished her input, at Lucy's prompt Jamie gave his perspective.  He said in the mini series, his take on the character was it's a generational thing--the story was about a son trying to find out what his place is in the world.  He felt the character seemed to have trouble making decisions in the beginning.  So Jamie focused on these aspects more for the character instead of the military side.  Then Jamie brought up his recent experience of flying with the Blue Angels (U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron).  He said it opened his eyes on how real military ace pilots behave.  He was deeply impressed by the professionalism he witnessed.  He wished he could've done it earlier when he first started shooting for BSG.  He was awed by the sight the six pilots walking up to their jets whilst a large ground crew (close to 200) was there doing their best to ensure these planes get in the air, and then land safely.  He felt the genuine love and respect these people had for the planes, the pilots, and the military.  Jamie said it was at that moment he was hit with the revelation the responsibilities he (and his fellow cast mates) had in portraying all that.  Jamie emphasized he didn't come from a military background, so he wasn't familiar with how real military people operated until he witnessed all these.  Lucy asked him if he would've done things differently if he had known this beforehand.  Jamie shifted in his seat a little and smiled coyly.  At the end of the day, he said, he asked himself the same question.  He ended up "smile smugly" and went to bed happily thinking he did a good job.  The audience laughed and clapped.  Jamie said it was just a fluke.  He went on saying the ace pilots he saw were not flamboyant--they were incredibly restraint with discipline and assured of themselves, yet there's also the  arrogance.  Unbeknownst to him, while he said that, Mary pointed her finger at him behind his back!  We laughed.  He summed it up by saying the pilots were not cavalier, and Lee would fit right in with them--he was quite proud of it!  I must say I'm happy to hear what Jamie said--I had always felt Lee was very real.  In fact, I feel Lee is the most realistic character on the show (Chief Tyrol is a close second).  At work, I'm a very good friend with an ex-navy pilot.  Based on the numerous discussions we had over his past experience, I think Lee acts exactly in the way of what I understood as a well trained military ace pilot.  I also think Jamie was being modest in saying it was a fluke he played Lee the right way.  I believe it comes from his well educated and trained background--he was able to pick up on the core of his character right away, and instinctively knew to be an ace at anything (not just the military), that's how a person would behave in real life.

Lucy commented the balance of the four characters portrayed by these four actors in the last 7 episodes were so troubled and so beautiful to watch--they came in and out of each other's life--she said it was so beautiful to watch them interact with each other.

I was getting real close to stand in front of the microphone, my heart was beating faster and faster, and it was almost impossible to have my mind stay on what was going on.  I don't recall what led up to it--at one point, Ron mentioned that while he was working on another project, he received a tape with the scenes that had been made for the mini series.  He said he really wanted to see if they shot the first scene he wrote in the first draft where Starbuck was running circuit on the  Galactica.  He held his breath to see if what he wrote would be realized.  Turned out that was the very first thing he saw on that tape.  Ron said he then knew he had a production team who understood his visions.

Another thing that stayed in my mind was a fan wanting to know where Bulldog went.  Ron answered there was a "technical term" in the writers' room that's called "mistake!"  Many of us chuckled at his frankness.  He went on saying sometimes the writers' ideas don't pan out--they would write something that just doesn't go anywhere.  "Where's Boxey?"  he raised the question.  David cut in and asked if anyone knew what happened to Chuck from the first episode of Happy Days.  Jamie answered "He's with Bulldog!  I saw them..."  We laughed and got their drift.  I'm a little surprised Ron candidly referred to Hero as a mistake.  To me, aside from the time line screw up, it was not bad.  I particularly enjoyed the scene between the Adama men, the obvious progression of the father and son relationship.

There was a very funny moment involving Mary--a fan wanted to know if Laura is going to be the dying leader because some of the fans really would like to see her build that cabin of hers.  As soon as the cabin was mentioned, Mary pretended she was smoking weeds.  In between taking drags, she said in a stoned voice:  "Well, I don't know...  What was your question?"  The fan repeated her question, and Mary answered that she really had no clue.  It would be nice to resolve the dying leader issue before the show's end, or before her character's end, she added.

A fan asked a question myself had been wondering for a long time--he wanted to know how many regular cast members would be involved in the two hour special they are making:

My mind was still reeling over the possibilities for the two hour special, I missed most part of the next Q&A except the guy smartly asked on behalf of his girlfriend who's too shy to go up there if they need a "post coordinator" in Vancouver.  The guests on stage all jokingly listed the "trash" magazines they read on the set.  Then it was my turn in front of the microphone.  HOLY FRAK!  I was nervous as hell, and I had at least a couple of questions I would like to ask.  I stumbled through my words.  I said I had many questions, but first I'd like to ask on behalf of my friend ([profile] stilettos81    ) who wanted to know, uhm, from Ron's past public interviews, it seems he is someone who believes in happy endings, but what exactly constitutes a happy ending?  I think as soon as I mentioned the words "happy ending", it drew some chuckles and funny faces.  I knew I had botched the question, I tried to explain further--by happy ending, does he mean characters and their relationships all develop in cycles, that they'd reach a new beginning, or...  Before I had the chance to complete my sentence, Ron and David started to answer my question.  David said they "owe" the studio a happy ending because back when the first season premiered, they had a bleak 33, in which Lee shot down a ship full of civilians.  In the original cut, David said when Lee flew his final pass by the Olympic Carrier, there were the faces of the civilians on that ship peering out the windows eagerly looking for Lee in his Viper as their savior.  But the savior turned into the destroyer in order to protect Galactica.  When they showed this to the studio, there was a great deal of concern because they were having the main character, one of the heroes, doing something pretty difficult to swallow.  So they had to make adjustment to not show the  faces in the window.  The aftermath of that, David explained, was the discussions on happy endings with the studio people.   He joked they discussed about birthday parties, maypole dances, etc... (Yiiiikes!)  Lucy interjected she thinks they do elegance and beauty really well.  The "thing" between Starbuck and Lee are done beautifully (by the two actors); and Roslin and Adama, although it's unclear what was going on, there's such love between them, which is "kinda happy" (Methink the lady doth like the word beautiful too much!)  Finally, Ron started to answer what I asked--HIS definition.  He said he believed it's all in the yarning, it's not about the completion of them, it's about the struggle.  He said he had a conversation with Michael Rymer the other day, and they discussed so much on the show is the lack of satisfaction.  These people can't decide what they want, can't be safe, can't find what they were looking for.  The show hinges on the fact these people are unsatisfied, they never quite reach the goal they set for themselves, they never quite safe, they never quite know what they want.  After Ron said this, Lucy pointed to the mike at the other aisle and called for the next question.  I really wanted to ask the questions Apollo's Lady (from The Adama Realm) and [profile] laurie31    had:  would Adama ever admit he was wrong to his son? and if Lee end up going back to the military, would the fallout from his resignation be dealt with?  But I had no chance to ask these at this juncture except to say thanks and hightail back to my seat!  It wasn't until I got back in my seat I realized I never took the opportunity to thank them, especially Jamie for their wonderful works!

I didn't quite hear the question following mine at all because my mind was still on how my question went down (not my proudest moment I must admit).  Then someone thanked Ron and Co. for putting up the picture of Sarah, a fan who died in a car accident vacationing in Mexico on the Memorial Wall.  Personally, I think it's such a wonderful thing to do, and it's things like this sets BSG and its production team a notch above other shows in general.

The last question I remember was a fan asked of the actors:  if there's a genie to grant their wishes, what do they wish for their next role?  Nobody volunteered anything in the beginning.  Jamie seemed to tilt his head upward a little, and Katee seemed to want say something but bite her tongue instead.  Then Jamie bursted out:  "Oh fuck it!  I'll say it--Hamlet!"  We laughed, clapped, and cheered.  But then, dead silence again--nobody would say anything.  So Jamie protested:  "Okay Katee, you are chickening out after I busted my balls on the tablet!"  And Mary immediately jested:  "And those are nice ones..."  I was too far to see if Jamie blushed or not, LOL!  Finally Katee said she's just looking forward to work with David again.  Eddie said something about being a Latino, and Mary said she'd be a Latino in space!

To sum up, Mary, Jamie, Katee, and Eddie each gave their thanks to the fans. And they were ready to show the sneak peek for the two hour special.  Before I go on to talk a little bit about that, I must add that I'm racking my brain trying to remember at which part Ron wanted to see all the signs rooting for Romo Lampkin--I can't remember exactly, but they ended up calling "Romo" to stand up.  I was like--"Huh?!  Romo IS here?"  I strained my neck trying to catch a glimpse of him, and there he is--dressed in the all black suit.  I swear that was the guy who walked past me when I was waiting in the line earlier!

Omitting the tedious 5 hours plus of driving home, this concludes my report on the BSG All Access Event!

Following Ron's mention at how hard it was for people to get pass the name "Battlestar Galactica,"  Lucy teased Eddie when his friends found out he was gonna do the show, did they call him "sucker?!"  Eddie joked that the reaction he got was worse than what he had expected--after all, he had done Miami Vice, for which he received griefs from his friends; but when he told them he's gonna do Battlestar Galactica--"They just got up and left!"  Jokes aside, I think it's very true that the show is hindered by its title.  Even as a viewer, I get smirks from some of my friends when they found out I enjoy watching a show called "Battlestar Galactica."  "Uhm, don't they wear tights on the show?" was a common question my less informed friends would tease.

Eddie grew serious and said the problem was in the beginning most people didn't realize what a special thing BSG was unless they read the script.  He continued to say that all his life, he tried to get behind projects like this and bring them to fruition so that people can appreciate them.   He took the opportunity to introduce director Bob Young, whom Eddie referred to as the "father of independent film."  Mary was surprised Bob was in the house and she asked him to stand up so everyone could see him.  The audience cheered.  Apparently Bob directed the "boxing episode" (Unfinished Business, it appears he also directed another one of my favorite "The Son Also Rise").  Eddie mentioned when he had started working with Bob Young, they had wanted to explore the style set by Blade Runner.  Eddie said the movie was innovative but it failed because of Harrison Ford.  This drew great many laughters.  Jamie with his sense of humor, stood up and pretended Harrison Ford was right there in the house and demanded him to stand up.  The audience laughed with him.  Eddie clarified that it wasn't because Harrison Ford didn't do a good job acting.  It was because he had done too much at that time--Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and another Star Wars.  Viewers were familiar with the macho action heroes he portrayed so well.  But in Blade Runner, his character mostly did lots of thinking.  So his fan base turned against it.  At that time, viewers weren't able to appreciate a character oriented science fiction, and it took years to turn that around.  Eddie said BSG was the kind of science fiction Blade Runner introduced--a character driven drama.  Eddie thanked Ron and David for creating and staying true to it.  He promised that when it ends, the audience won't see another one like it for years to come!

After Eddie's talk, Lucy announced they would start Q & A with the audience.  They setup four microphones on two aisles.  Anyone who wanted to ask question had to walk up to a microphone.  My goodness, this is quite intimidating!  I have many questions, but to get up in front of a theater full of people?!  I'm quite scared.

There were some brave souls in the audience. They quickly formed 4 lines--two in the front at each aisle, and two in the back.  Lucy would alternatingly call the front person of each line.

The first question asked if there were anything the actors would like to see happening in the 4th season.  There were some chucklings going on.  I think Katee quietly and jokingly said:  "Laura Roslin, I love you!"  Mary also joked she'd like to see Laura Roslin start drinking.  Katee said maybe their characters would hang out in a bar together.  Mary asked Jamie what would he like to see.  Jamie said:  "You know, in a way, I really don't care."  He explained that they've already had so much experience with playing the characters.  These characters are so rich, and there are so many backstories, that anything writers decide to let happen would be interesting.  He jokingly said if the characters did nothing but sit around drinking tea all the time, it would be interesting to see how they would be able to cope with the fact they were not doing anything but drinking teas!  (Good answer, I think he is right in that the characters are so well established and fleshed out that no matter what they do, viewers would be interested in finding out the motivations behind the actions.)  Mary exclaimed "Wait, wait, wait...  Drinking teas?  That's my part!"  Jamie laughed and went on to further explain his feelings.  He said to him, it feels like they've reached the World Cup finals.  Once in the finals, it's the last 90 minutes, and he really doesn't care if the outcome is win, loose, or draw--he just wants to relish every moment knowing he has reached the finals.  He believed whatever the writers do, it'd be great, and he'd just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Personally, I'm very happy to hear Jamie's position.  I think it means he's satisfied with how his character had turned out, the journey it went through.  As a viewer, I think Jamie has done a tremendous job and I've enjoyed watching his character grow.  Lee has kept me riveted on BSG.  It would be so sad for me to say goodbye to his character and the story when the show ends next year.

A fan asked Ron the question how All Along the Watchtower got to be a part of the show.  Ron said the song was his favorite, and he had wanted to use it back in season one where Helo and Sharon walked into the bar on Caprica, this song was supposed to be playing in the background.  Ron said he wanted to draw a connection between our world with "their" world.  I've heard him saying this before in his interviews.  I never could quite tell if he meant such connection existed in the literal sense.  Lucy asked Ron why did he pulled back from doing it.  David answered they didn't do it because they didn't have good enough ideas at the time.  Jamie chimed in and reminded Ron didn't he want to include the song in the season 1 finale?  Ron said he might, he didn't quite remember.  But when they were writing for the season 3 finale, they were trying to come up with an idea how the last four cylons were "triggered."  Someone came up with using music as the "switch."  That's when Ron jumped on the idea and decided the music would be Bob Dylan's song All Along the Watchtower .

A guy asked Ron to clarify the time line between some episodes.  In particular, he wanted to know how Jamie went from being fat to lean and well toned again almost instantly.  The audience laughed.  And Jamie bent over and stuck his finger to his mouth to make the puking gesture.  It was very funny.  "It's the purging," Jamie answered.  "The purging, and running, and Black Bean and Lettuce."  ::hehe::  Then he sobered a little and said it was just one of those TV things--is Jamie going to be fat for another week?

In the next question, a fan congratulated Eddie on the award he received the night before.  The audience cheered.  But it was apparent some of the people on stage didn't quite know about it.  Eddie explained what it was in a quiet voice and tried to play it down.  Jamie reached his hand over Mary and did a low-five with Eddie.  He joked if any of them beside Eddie were nominated.  Eddie replied there weren't any Latinos among them.  "But I'm your son!" Jamie exclaimed.

As the Q&A went on, I was sitting there trying to gather my courage to line up at the microphone.  Hubby nudged me to go ask questions.  "Oh what the heck,"  I thought.  Since we were sitting way back, I can walk to the microphone located toward the back.  So before I could think further, I stood up and walked over to line up.  I had to walk down several steps.  I was so nervous that I almost tripped (yes, I'm in my heels).  I stood in line and my nerve was frying.  I had a hard time focusing on the questions and the answers.  So I missed quite a few of what was said.  Though I did remember a girl had to come up with a question quickly since her question was already asked.  She ended up asking Katee who had done her hair.  Katee blushed and said "Tonight?  I'd have to ask my publicist."

Not long after I walked up to line up at the microphone.  A crew came by and informed us that the guests on stage were having a hard time seeing the person who's asking question in the back.  So they were going to shut down the microphones on the back, and we had to all move to the front ones instead.  Oh, as if it wasn't intimidating enough!  But I had no way out by then, so I moved with the other people to the front.  Once I got there, I discovered a boon--I'm so much closer to the stage that I can see Jamie much more clearly now!  The only thing was it didn't do much to help me stay focused on the Q&A.  If anything, I became more distracted from wanting to stare at Jaime all the time.

Again, I didn't remember much beside how gorgeous Jamie was.  But I do recall that a guy in front of my line had wanted to know if Lucy was coming back in season 4.  I think Lucy scared the poor guy a little by demanding to know his name in the most serious and harsh tone.  "What's your name?  What's your name?" she demanded.  She pointed her hand toward her head:  "You see this?  I'm in my no-nonsense hair style.  So what's your name?"  Finally, Lucy relaxed her scowl and her tone.  She joked with the guy that he might upset a "most delicate" negotiation.  Lucy's joke had effectively let her dodge the question.  But I think the blurb of her returning must be true.  ::sigh::

To be continued...

Lucy brought up the big deception of Starbuck being killed.  The story is what we are all familiar with by now, so I'm not going to repeat it again.  Suffice to say Katee ended the tale with the fact she got a case of free booze, and Jamie made the comment "It's never good to lie to your friends."  (Thank you Jamie!)  Mary concurred (with Jamie) "They never seem to work."

The next question I can remember was Lucy wanting to know what was the actors' most memorable scene.  She offered her own as being the first scene she shot for BSG in which she ran into an almost naked Lee!  The audience bursted laughing and cheering.  Seemed to me it took Jamie a second to realize what Lucy was talking about.  Then he tilted his head and laughed heartily, followed by making an embarrassed gesture--so very cute.  He then said it was in fact one of the most intimidating scene he had to do--getting almost naked in front of Xena, the Princess Warrior!  Lucy further teased Jamie how did he manage to do the scene--the towel slipped promptly and only so far--was there a rubber-band involved?  The people sitting behind me squeed quietly: "Oh, she's good!" ::teehee::

While people were still laughing and cheering, Lucy moved onto Katee, and wanted to know what was her most memorable scene.  As Katee was considering the answer, Ron (or was it David?) suggested to her the scene with Callum Keith Reinnie--the "pasty" incident.  It was Katee's turn this time to throw back her head and laugh heartily:  "Oh yeah, the pasty incident!"  In between the giggles, and ignoring the fact her "publicist probably would shoot her", Katee began to describe a funny little interlude during the filming of the beginning sequence in Maelstrom.  Apparently in the scene where Leoban had Kara cornered to the wall, whilst they got physical, Katee's clothes slipped, and she was told her breast was showing.  "Not any more!"  She said Callum answered.  Katee made the gesture with her hands as if she was dipping them in an imaginary  bucket of paste, then raised them up.  She explained after grabbing hands full of paste, Callum smeared them all over her exposed breast.  But then he just left his hands there--on her boobs!

I forgot what led them to joke about the amount of money they could get by auctioning off the props.  Katee joked on her last day of shooting, she would just drove home with her flightsuit and helmet and sell them on ebay--she said she'd put her kid through college with the money she would get.

I think it was Lucy who asked when Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin were going to get laid!  Again, audience bursted out laughing and cheering.  Jamie joked "What make you think they haven't done so already?"  Mary pointed out that something seemed went down that night on New Caprica!  Someone (I don't remember who, probably Mary) said all those shaving Adama did amounts to something--maybe he was getting himself ready for action!  Jamie joked his character doesn't seem to have them anymore, where did all his go?!  Heh, I think he was talking about his facial hair, but he could also be insinuating on getting a piece of "action"?!

Next, they discussed how BSG became the social commentary that it is.  Ron explained that David had him watching the pilot of the original Battlestar not long after 9/11.  After watching it, he felt the basic setup of the original series resonated with what was happening in real life--the apocalyptic attack, a group of the last survivors, the enemy in hot pursuit.  That was when he and David seriously decided on doing this show, and they planned to have the show reflect the real social experiences of our time.  Ron said the network was behind them and pushed for the idea of setting BSG apart from the other scifi shows on TV (such as Stargate, Farscape, etc.)  Ron added that it was the network's idea to give the show the religious aspect.  It was Michael Jackson (no relation to the other one) from the network who picked up the line "God is love" spoken by Six to Baltar.  Mary interjected John McCain said the exact same thing just the other day!  Ron said although he wanted BSG to have a contemporary feel, he still wanted the super-structure of the show to base on the original series--it's about a Commander named Adama, his son, and the rag-tag fleet.  There's Apollo, and his best friend Starbuck, whom he probably has the hots for.  (I can't begin to describe how happy I was upon hearing RDM say the show is about Adama and his son!!!)

The next thing I can remember was Lucy's comments that aside from the incredible cast, writers and directors, BSG also has an amazing crew.  She specifically singled out the music was phenomenal.  I was silently cheering "Yay!  Bear McCreary!"  Ron concurred and he also added a little fact that back in the mini series, when Adama "gave his benediction, or farewell", when the Viper squadron did its flyby, you hear this fanfare which was their nod to the original series for nostalgia.  He also mentioned they chose percussion music such as Taiko drums to set the series apart from other scifi dramas.  I have to say I really love the music from BSG, especially those drums.  They are so pulsating, and in some cases even ominous.  I think they befit the theme of the story perfectly.

As they were on the subject of music, Mary told a story of Eddie bringing a piece of music on the set during the mini series that ended up having a great effect on the cast and crew.  She described the piece as being very organic.  She was struggling to remember the name of the artist who did it, a voice in the audience readily supplied her with the answer.  I'm pretty impressed with the knowledge base of the fandom here!  Mary very charmingly told Eddie to "shut up" because she's telling something nice about him, and if he interrupted her, that would be rude!  Anyway, she described how Eddie gave the music to everyone and played it all the time.  The entire cast and crew all got into the music, and through it, they all bounded with each other at the very beginning.  Her tale drew a round of applauses.  It's so nice to hear these people who are making the show have such fantastic relationship with each other.

Lucy put in how nice it was for Eddie and Mary to look after everyone on the set.  They are sort of like the leaders who set examples and protect everyone.  Ron chimed in that Eddie in fact commands CIC.  Even when he walked on the set there, he had to listen to Eddie's directions!  The same goes to Colonial One--that's Mary's domain.  I think it was David who added they were very fortunate to have a great ensemble here.  He said they are lucky that no actor has refused to come out of his/her trailer yet that would cause problem for the production!  Ron commented that when Eddie and Mary, two world renowned actor and actress demonstrated they value what they are doing, put their passion into it, the other actors all followed suit.

Lucy then asked the actors what drew them to the project.  Mary answered:  "Writing!"  The audience cheered.  Eddie then mentioned the three paged "prologue", or what's commonly known as "the bible," was what caught his attention.  Ron jokingly said it (the bible) was "an act of desperation."  He said it was David who made him write it.  It was David's idea that they needed a synopsis of what they were going to do to get people pass the first page that says "Battlestar Galactica."  Hubby was very impressed at David upon hearing that.

To be continued...

At around 8:15 pm, host Lucy Lawless walked on stage.  Her hair was styled in a no-fuss chignon, and she was wearing a black floor-length gown.  She started the introduction with the customary accolades BSG had received recently.  I think the audience was particularly impressed with the show receiving second place at the "best Scifi show" from Entertainment Weekly, wedged between Matrix and Blade Runner!  After the brief introduction, Lucy welcomed her guests amidst a huge round of applauses.

The guests filed on stage in the order of Ron, David, Eddie, Mary, Jamie, and Katee.  Ron and David appeared to me dressed in the same "uniform" they seemed to be wearing in most of their public appearances.  Eddie was wearing a sports jacket with dark colored shirt and jean.  Mary was in a gorgeous turquoise blue dress with white (maybe patent) leather heels.  With her fiery red hair, she looked stunning!  Next to her was Jamie--boy, was he hot!!!  After seeing picture after picture of him having longish hair and a fuzz on his face, it was really nice to see him once again with short hair (similar to the style in season 2 promo shots I think) and a clean-shaven face (although he might be sporting a 5-o'clock shadow, I was too far to be able to tell for sure.)  Jamie was wearing a white shirt, a light colored (white I think) blazer over a medium-washed vintage looking jean.  Maybe it's the clothing, but Jamie appeared even slighter and leaner in person.  Next to Jamie was Katee dressed in a low-cut white cotton dress with a pair of boots.  The dress IMHO was not the most flattering dress for someone like Katee--it had split puffy sleeves with extra bows at the edge that just added bulk to the arms, and the chunky heeled knee-high boots were at odds with the dainty dress.  But despite that, Katee looked adorable to me--she had that dewy complexion of youth that's so pretty.

The guests walked on the stage and all took their seats.  The stage crews clipped microphones on each of the guests.  At one point, Jamie got up and went in front of the stage to grab a water bottle.  Following his lead, Katee did the same as well.  After everyone was settled in, Lucy began conducting "interviews" of her guests.

A disclaimer:  from this point on, what I write is to the best of my recollection of what's been said.  I'm sure I would omit things, get the orders mixed up; and not remember how some of the questions were asked.  I tried very hard to stay focused and remember everything.  But in all honesty, I was a bit distracted by the fact I saw Jamie in person--even though he was seated so far away!

To be continued...

What a day I had yesterday!  At 11:45 am, I was still struggling with the decision whether or not we should drive all the way down to LA for the BSG All Access Event.  I was facing up to 6 hours of driving each way with no garentee of admittance to the event.  In the end, it was hubby who took the decision out of my hand--"Let's go!" he said, "What the hack, you can be crazy once."

But I still had a work meeting at noon, so by the time we were on our way, it was almost 2:00 in the afternoon.  Hubby drove all the way to LA, and he drove like a mad man--it took us less than 4 and half hours to get there!  Fortunately, We didn't encounter traffic in the direction we were going until the last mile, and even that wasn't all that bad.  The Cinerama Dome was right off Hwy 101 on W. Sunset Blvd--easily accessible.  Hubby dropped me off in front of the theater (quite illegally) and went to park the car.  It was a little after 6:00 pm.  As I approached the line, a guy there with a handful of green wrist bands put one of them on me.  I was excited--does this mean I get to go in?!  I asked one for hubby saying he would come momentarily, but the guy said no--one for each guest only!  As I stood in line, anxiously looking for hubby, I caught a brief glimpse of a guy in black suit walked past me (all by himself).  I thought gosh, he looked just like Romo Lampkin! But I quickly dismissed the idea he could be Mark Sheppard.  Anyway, the line moved quickly towards the entrance.  Fortunately, hubby showed up right after I got in the theater.  We ended up being seated at the center section of the second to last row (of the occupied ones, there were some empty ones at the very back of the theater).

To my surprise and delight, at 6:45, they showed Crossroads II on the big screen in HD.  I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to view the show on the big screen.  The audience clapped for the first time after Lee delivered his big speech on the stand.  From that moment on, other big moments received the same "nod" as well--i.e., Romo telling Baltar the cat metaphor, Tigh declaring he wants to be Saul Tigh, Starbuck showing up at the end...  When the show was over, it got a BIG round of applause.

Then it was a waiting game for the panel to start.  We tested our camera and I schemed with [profile] stilettos81  to leave the cell phone on so that she could hear what's been said.  However we were informed cameras and other "recording" devices, including the cellphones were strictly forbidden.  Violators would be escorted out of the theater.  I argued but this is supposed to be an "ALL ACCESS" event, why the restrictions?!  Anyway, we had to put away the camera and cell phones.  Hubby was not going to let me risk being kicked out after all the trouble of getting here!  I was so bummed out about not being able to take pictures of Jamie, Katee, EJO, and Mary! So the only picture I have to show for the evening is a picture of the venue I took after the event:

With that, came to the conclusion of the first part of my report--crap, I have another meeting to go to right now, and I'll update the next part soon...

I just saw a small Battlestar Galactica season 4 spoiler at SyFy Portal.  I have to say that I'm a little annoyed at reading this piece of information.

Hehe, my frivolousness continues...

Once again, thanks to [profile] asta77 at [community profile] bamber_news for providing the link, I got to see a bunch of pictures of Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Trucco, and Kate Vernon, who appeared at Grand Slam Scifi Summit 2007 in Burbank, CA.

I'm reposting some of these pictures here in my journal just for the fun of it.

Disclaimer:  IESB.net has all the original highres versions and owns all the rights to the pictures.  I don't own any of them.


click for enlarged images

*sigh* Now if only I can read what's been said during the panel...


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