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( Oct. 20th, 2010 05:12 pm)
Well, actually I came back home late Monday night. But I was so tired yesterday that I was barely human, so...

It's been a wonderful trip to England. Although I never did get a chance to visit London except coming to and fro Heathrow airport. The rest of time we spent in Cambridge entirely. Oh, how I loved this charming little town!

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p.s. I apologize to everyone here that I've neglected my flist and LJ for quite a while due to this trip. I will attempt to reply your comments and check out your posts. Did I miss much?
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( Sep. 20th, 2010 02:27 pm)
I had a fun time yesterday with my best friend and my boy. Together we went to a Jazz Festival. First, there was the concert by African born artist Angélique Kidjo in the afternoon. I really had no idea who she was before yesterday, but I loved her voice and music. Turned out she's a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter (for Best Contemporary World Music Album in 2008). During her performance, fellow Grammy winner Jazz musician (and festival featured artist) Dianne Reeves made a surprise appearance and sang a duet with Kidjo. But the highlight of the day for me was the concert in the evening, given by none other than Harry Connick, Jr.

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I've always known my Alma mater campus is beautiful, especially in the falls. But I'm quite biased of course. Only Hubby just now pointed me to the link The Worlds's Most Beautiful College Campuses according to Forbes.com, and WOW, this little school in the middle of Ohio is ranked #1! \o/

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This is a very belated post of *everything* mentioned here. But I have a lame excuse -- Due to my unfortunate skiing accident (twisted my knee during my last run on the slope), I haven't been able to get out of bed to do much for the past two and half days. Le Sigh

While I'm lame (yeah, literally), there were so many things happened that deserve celebration:

First of all, there was the Valentine's Day that came and went. Even though it's behind us, I still want to send a belated wish of love to every one of my friends. I know it's three days past Sunday, nonetheless I wish love finds all of you not only on the day Cupid was officiating, but also thereafter. May that love be the romantic kind and/or in friendship, I wish it continues to fill your heart, letting you know you are cherished. ♥

Okay, enough of the schmoop...  As it happens, by unique cosmic alignment, this year's Valentine's Day also was the start of a new year according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. So to all my friends who celebrate the beginning of the new lunar cycle, I wish you a very Happy Year of Tiger. May fortune follows you throughout the next 365 days! And dear [livejournal.com profile] ala_tariel, thank you so much for the Lucky Red Envelop! Can you imagine my joy and surprise at seeing it?! (((HUGS)))

The beginning of the new year certainly was lucky for Chinese figure skaters. At the Winter Olympic in Vancouver, they cinched not only the Gold but also the Silver medal for the Pair's Competition, ending the Russia/Soviet dominance of the sport since 1964. As a Chinese, I'm immensely proud of what these athletes accomplished. Yet, as a spectator who loves watching pair's figure skating, I couldn't help feeling nostalgic for what I consider the greatest pair skaters of all time -- Gordeeva & Grinkov. While I enjoyed every program G&G ever performed, my favorite is the artistic program they skated in 1994's Canadian Professional Championship. In this piece, with the music of Russian composer Rachmaninoff's Vocalise as the backdrop, they brought Rodin's sculpture The Kiss to life. After 16 years, it still brings tears to my eyes. In the spirit of romance, here's the link to a clip on YouTube.  While I'm at it, since Valentine's Day hasn't gone too far, how about another schmoopy pick-me-up? Many of us G&G's fans remember well of their 1995 Star On Ice program in which they brilliantly interpreted Ella Fitzgerald's The Man I Love. After watching these, can you feel the romance filling the air yet?

Speaking of romance, who doesn't love a good bromance these days? And I dare say that on television, none other better portrayed it than CW's Supernatural. Turns out I'm far from the only one to think that. Why? Because it's official: SUPERNATURAL IS RENEWED FOR SEASON 6! Yes, I'm beyond ecstatic. I came into the fandom late (in season 4), and I so wasn't ready to say goodbye to the boys just yet. I'm fully aware of the rumor that while still going to return as the writer and/or executive producer, the creator and show runner Eric Kripke is going to hand over the day to day running of the show to one of the current executive producers Sera Gamble. If true, this may seem as a caveat, but I think it hardly qualifies for concern. After all, Sera Gamble is the most prolific writer for the show. Up to now, her name is credited as writer(s) for 21 (aired) episodes while Kripke has only 15 under his belt (and Ben Edlund has 12). Granted Kripke and Edlund wrote more pivotal ones (finales & cliffhangers), but I think the ones leading up to them are just as important. Thus I have confidence Sera would do well if she is thrust into leadership position. Meanwhile I'm having growing respect for Eric Kripke for handing over the reign when he knows his time and energy are going to be divided between SPN and developing new shows. So without reservation, let's CELEBRATE more bromance to come our way!

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( Feb. 7th, 2010 10:20 am)
I wish a very happy birthday for the ever beautiful and bright [livejournal.com profile] stilettos81. Darling, you mean so much to me. Our friendship is one thing I will cherish forever and ever. ♥

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( Sep. 4th, 2009 12:08 am)
Just read a news buzz on yahoo that makes me scratch my head and go WTF?

In a nutshell, it says President Obama has this plan of talking to students across U.S. live via White House website on Sept 8, just in time for Back-to-School, on the importance of education and staying in school.  In preparation for this, Secretary of Education sent out letters to schools across the nation inviting (but not requiring) them to watch the speech and conduct in class discussions regarding the President and his talk.

So far so good?

Well, not so much because apparently this angered some conservatives and they came out to accuse the President and his "agenda."  Some parents even wrote, and I quote: "I sent my children to school to be educated NOT indoctrinated."

Really?  Really?  Are we this contrary?!

For the record, I don't know yet if my son's school will broadcast the live streaming.  But even if they don't, I'll make sure he gets to hear what the President has to say.
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( Jul. 24th, 2009 11:36 am)
I'm baaaaaaaack!  Finally. *g*

Had a wonderful time in Europe, but it seemed I was away for a long time, like forever (guess you can say I suffered LJ withdrawal while I was gone).  As predicted, I didn't have any internet connection during my trip.  Actually, a couple of hotels I stayed provided free internet.  But they required cable connections.  Since I brought my MacBook Air that only has wireless port, I was screwed.

I really really missed my flist, catching J2 and SPN news, and reading fanfictions.  Looks like I have loads of catching up to do.

To everyone who left comments on my previous post, a big THANK YOU! *hugs tight*

And a very belated Happy Birthday to the lovely [profile] dreams_of_honey  ♥ (I had no idea you and my son share the same b'day!)

After I get over my jetlag (i.e. I'm human enough to organize my thoughts), I'll start working on my travel log...
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( Jul. 6th, 2009 10:20 pm)
I'm about to embark on an "European Adventure" with my family. The trip is for my son who turned 10 yesterday. Gosh, he's in the "double digits" club now!

Speaking of the little dude (he's always gonna be little to me), I sorta started a tradition a year ago that I would post a little clip of him playing piano on his birthday. Last year he played "The Medallion Call" from PotC for me (see here). This year he did a little segment of Beethoven's "Fur Elise" (the clip is here @ YouTube).

Anyway, I won't be back until the 22nd. Meanwhile I hope I'd be able to locate free WIFI at the places we are staying at. Otherwise, I'm on an involuntary LJ hiatus. In case anyone is wondering, I didn't just fell off the face of the Earth, I'll miss you all while I'm gone.
@ On the way to his Piano lesson:

My Son: "Mom, you know, I made my character on Guitar Hero look like Dean."
Me (driving): "Erm... how?"
My Son: "Well, he's wearing blue jeans, and a jacket. And he has short hair.  I just need to know what his eye color is."
Me: "Green."
My Son: "Oh, I need to make a change then."
Me: "Okay..."
My Son: "Wanna me to show you? I'll play Eye of the Tiger for you."
Me (still driving): "Fine, but clean your room first."
My Son: "Awww, mom! At least let me show you my character."
Me: "Clean your room first!"

@ Picking up the dry cleans:

Attendant: "Hey, A***!  Long time no see.  How have you been?"
My Son: "Fine, just the normal life."
Attendant burst out laughing...
Me (was concentrating on checking the clothes): "What?  What did he say?"

@ Having lunch, and telling hubby about our friends' kids' puppy love:

Me: "...and so, Elijah is really sad they are moving away, and he won't be able to go to the same school with Ari anymore."
Hubby: "Well, I'm sure he'll find plenty of other girls in Los Angeles..."
My Son (jumping in suddenly): "You can't find love, you know.  Love will find you.  Unexpectedly."




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