This calls for fist pumping in the air. Thanks to the ever so awesome [ profile] asta77 who broke the news (okay, it was Ausiello, but I would've never known it if it wasn't for asta), Jamie Bamber is set to reunite with Ron Moore on RDM's new pilot "17th Precinct" on NBC! (see Ausiello's report here, and asta's report here and here)

Oh boy, I would have to eat my words that I would not invest in RDM's project again at the conclusion of BSG. But not only is Jamie reteaming with his old boss, so is Michael Rymer set to direct the pilot episode (the prospect of a Bamber-Rymer reunion is making me even more excited over Jamie's reunion with RDM). Also, before Jamie, Stockard Channing is signed on with the project as well!

From: [identity profile]

well, if you're happy then i'm happy! yay! \o/
and so are the boys. ;ppp

From: [identity profile]

OMG! Your icon is awesome. :)

Thank you my dear! ♥ Yes, I'm overjoyed right now, a decided turn-around from the mood I was in two post down.

From: [identity profile]

*g* thank you - boys doing the happy dance makes me happy. :D

oh, sorry you weren't your usual cheery self. i'm still working on catching up and have a habit of reading things backward. will come over to see what you're referring to.

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I'm so happy today. Not only with this news, but also seeing more reports of Jensen and Jason's Jam Session. Even though I couldn't afford to attend the concert, it's still wonderful to read how much the lucky fans enjoyed the event. <3

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Hey, I am now firmly in the Jamie Bamber fan club, but this obviously means no more LOUK. Sigh. (ETA: Or at least no more LOUK with him in it.)

I so loved me some British cops...

But. Yay! Jamie Bamber!
Edited Date: 2011-02-15 07:56 pm (UTC)

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Hehe, welcome to the Jamie Bamber fan club!! ♥

A short while ago, LOUK's series 3 started filming, and Jamie wasn't mentioned, which fueled some speculation he may have left the show. If this pilot gets picked up, I'm sure his commitment with LOUK would come to an end.

Much as I loved the original Law&Order, I do think the franchise has gone on too long. I'd much rather see some other original drama being developed. I wonder which accent Jamie is going to use in this new show on NBC. Hee, reading the synopsis of the show, I wonder how Ron Moore is going to do the Supernatural elements.

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Much as I loved the original Law&Order, I do think the franchise has gone on too long.

I can't say I really disagree. I'm not a fan of any of the spinoffs, really. But I genuinely loved the original, and since LOUK is a near replica of that, I really enjoy it. Part of that may be a bit of nostalgia.

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I don't want too many BSG actors turning up on the new show, then it becomes distracting. But I wouldn't be shocked if Ron decides another BSG actor might be right for a part. Personally, I'd love to see Tricia interacting with Jamie since they had so little screen time together on BSG. And I'm sure we'll have more BSG folks behind the scenes.

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Whooo, I'm with you on this! I'd love to see Tricia Helfer interacting with Jamie. We barely had any on BSG. Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Sheppard shows up either.

I'm curious if David Weddle/Bradley Thompson would sign on as the writers for the show. I really want this show to be a success, even if it means I have to watch RDM's shows again. *fingers crossed*

From: (Anonymous)

Great news..I look forward to seeing him on my TV (hopefully).


From: [identity profile]

Me too! Even though I read many positive reviews of LOUK, I'm still glad Jamie is heading back to this side of the pond. *fingers crossed*

From: [identity profile]

SQUEEEE! I couldn't get into UK Law&Order but Jamie will always have an important place on my fannish list. I think he's one of the most intelligent actors I've ever fangirled about. :) I'd love to watch him again.


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