Creation Entertainment is auctioning off THE FIRST JAM SESSION WITH JENSEN ACKLES & JASON MANNS:

Whenever time allows best friends Jensen and Jason grab their guitars and sing together. Now, for the very first time, they are allowing a select group of audience members to attend an intimate performance that includes original songs and some of their favorite cover tunes. This 45 minute set is sure to create some special memories for those lucky enough to be part of this experience.

"The First Jam Session" will take place Sunday afternoon and will not be in conflict with any other major event. This event will be for a maximum of 50 patrons. 30 seats will be auctioned off here. An additional 15 to 20 tickets will potentially be sold at the convention itself based on the closing price of the auction tickets.

With 30 Tickets available, there're already 45 bids in, current highest bid stands at $250. But, but... There's whole 8 Days and 19 Hours + left before the auction closes! O_O

[UPDATE1: 49 bids in, current highest bid $325, 8 Days and 18 Hours + to go] ::sob::
[UPDATE2: 53 bids in, current highest bid $400, 8 Days and 14 Hours + to go] ::sobs harder::
[UPDATE4: 61 bids in, current highest bid $500, 7 Days and 20 Hours + to go]
[UPDATE5: 94 bids in, current highest bid $785, 2 Days and  0 Hours + to go]
[UPDATE6: 107 bids in, current highest bid $888.88, less than 22 Hours to go] ~ now that is quite a lucky number for Chinese, especially considering CNY is just around the corner!

Here's Creation Entertainment's response to fan-requests on recording the performance and releasing it on DVD (information courtesy of [ profile] mrsr58. Sweetie, I hope you don't mind me reposting this at my journal):

As to taping these things are up to the stars involved and in fact the concert with Jason and Jensen will not allow recording devices. Hopefully they will one day choose to allow this and we'd love to be producing it!

Now excuse me while I look for my own towel to sob into...

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i wouldn't worry too much. yea it sucks - i cant go either. but i am rly sure itll end up on the internet lol. jensen singing? for 45 minutes?! come on!

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You think? Oh how I pray it to be true. Sounds like the Creation Con people would've liked to be able to tape it, you know, what with advertisement and all. But I think Jason and Jensen themselves frown upon the recording, so I don't know how tight the security is going to be. After all, when one pays that much money for a concert, it would suck royally if one gets thrown out due to infraction.

I want to see video of this Jam session so baaaaaaad! ♥

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i think it's more creation than the guys. the guys joke all the time about seeing the vids on YT. creation just doesn't want people to think itll be easy to find online. they would rather people chomp at the bit to pay lots for the ticket instead

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Mmmm, that could be. I confess I'll never understand the business model here. The fan requests are asking Creation Entertainment to release their past events on DVDs as merchandises. I'm sure they can make additional money beside the Con tickets and vouchers. However I guess they also run in risk of people investing their money on buying DVDs for past Cons instead of purchasing tickets for future ones. I'm guessing a large part of the reason Creation Entertainment is able to sell those Gold Packages so fast is because they entitle buyers to exclusive events. So capture them on tape does take out the exclusivity.

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sorry for butting in here but i really think creation would LOVE the opportunity to record this, as they can stand to make lots from it.
damn that jensen and jason.

From: [identity profile]

Ha! BB, you can butt in any time you want. :)

What you said makes a lot of sense. But I can't really fathom why would Jensen and Jared not want it recorded because same logic can apply to them too as they definitely could get a cut from the sales. Not only that, I'm sure it would be a boost for Jason's CD sales and future gigs.

The only thing I can possibly think of is Jensen may be a bit shy about his musicality. It's one thing to be singing for his fans, it's another to put it out there for the world to see, and for the inevitable criticism and/or ridicule by those who don't like him.

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right now i'm just hoping against hope that jason will go ahead and produce this himself. (afterall, he DID produce that crazy love single, and jensen DID know he sold it!)
PLEASE, leave jason a message on his twitter, FB and myspace! beg him, please!

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I dunno. As I understand it, that recording came later, after Asylum Con where Jason found out there's a "market" for the recording. If this Jam Session turned out well, I'm guessing Jason might be able to convince Jensen to record and/or put on more future performances. But I don't think we are gonna get to see this one unless we cough up the dough and see it in person.

I suspect the key here is Jensen. I have this feeling that he's shy about letting the world at large see his singing/jamming talent. Silly boy! From what we've seen coming out of Jus In Bello and 100 Episode Party, he has nothing to worry about!

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...regardless, the world has already witnessed jensen's singing talent and jensen knows it. (look at all the stuff out there, not to mention the DOOL recordings he did with that critchlow fella. also, i understand that, for one xmas several years ago, he and his family put together a CD of holiday tunes)
also, as you mentioned, jensen HAS performed with the impalas at the 100th episode party. :D i don't think he would've joined jason at JIB (or asylum) if he's all THAT shy about us swooning over seeing him sing. at any rate, i hope that with enough requests, jason would at least bring it up w/jensen. ;p
Edited Date: 2011-01-25 05:02 am (UTC)

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i understand that, for one xmas several years ago, he and his family put together a CD of holiday tunes

OMG! Are you serious?!? Where can we find that? *WANTS*

I know. I thought Jensen did a fantastic job singing Weight and with The Impalas, as well as his other gigs I've heard. He has a really sexy voice IMHO. But even so, I've seen some really nasty comments about his voice and singings too. I'm sure Jensen is aware of those too. So I wouldn't blame him for being cautious and raise undue negativity, especially when he doesn't need to make money off of his singing.

I hope Jason would keep pushing him into picking up that guitar and perform more in public, as well does more professional recordings! I can't help wonder if that wasn't how this Jam Session came into fruition. ♥

From: [identity profile]

alas, not sure if there's a copy to be had (at least by us mere mortals) - i just recall having read an interview where jensen said this several years ago. ;/

i know you've probs read this interview w/jason but here, check it out here me hope. :D:D:D

From: [identity profile]

Oh that is so adorable! Do you remember more on what Jensen said about the holiday tunes from his family? ♥_♥

You know, after reading that article (thanks btw), I realized Jason and Jensen are closer buddies than I previously thought. And how cool is it that their performance of The Weight at JIB was completely impromptu?!? It's almost unfair that one Jensen Ackles is that talented and got the whole package.

Come on Jensen, threw your fans a boon and get that Jam Session recorded. You should know that Supernatural is a Blue Collar Rhapsody, and as such your fanbase are working class. Most of us ardent fans can't afford $400+ in tickets to see you sing on stage! But we appreciate you so much that we would dig into our pockets as much as we can so we can adore every aspect of your talents! ;p

From: [identity profile]

isn't he adorable as anything? his dad and mom too. :P
i'm sorry but i'm pretty sure he didn't get into specific titles or anything like that. ....just pretty much what i told you. darn, now i wish i can remember which interview. one day i'll find it, come hell or high water. :D

awesome, you're welcome! i think jensen is a god in disguise as a mere mortal but a poor disguise. hehe!
again, i'm really hoping that the Js will take pity on us and yeah...throw that bone! XD

From: [identity profile]

IKR?!? Too bad it's so expensive that I have no hope in attending. And apparently there's not gonna be official recording. Don't know if fans will be able to sneak record. The auction site has it in call caps screaming "ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VISUAL RECORDING OF THE SESSION!"


From: [identity profile]

I am NOT rich, but I found myself on the site, REALLY, REALLY considering bidding. Thank you, God in heaven (or Chuck, whoever comes first), I bought tickets months ago to take my kids to the Cirque du Soliel THAT VERY DAY!!!!!!

It saved me from me! Oh, and from you, considering you were the one to share this little bit of information. :)

It sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

BTW: Think I can talk my ex into taking the kids to the Cirque and...NO, DON'T EVEN THINK IT!!!

Okay, someone out there--please secretly tape this. We will love you forever. V-gifts from many, many fans. ;)

From: [identity profile]

I'd be lying if I say I didn't stare at the auction page longingly, calculating my resources and options in my head. I really cannot afford this, but even so, I had this flash of impulse where I just wanted to enter a bid.

LOL, they say "saved by the bell". In your case, you are "saved by Cirque du Soliel". ;)

I'm joining you in pray for some lucky and generous fans who do get to go to this thing would secretly tape and share it with the rest of us peons!

From: [identity profile]

Ow....Jensen will be singing for 45 minutes? I am 100% cannot go there since it's too far & too expensive (sobbing). But I am hoping....really hoping...that to give us the records through the internet !!!

From: [identity profile]

I know! Can you imagine? He hasn't done that yet, and I'm ready to swoon. Even though I don't live that far from LA, the ticket itself is too damn expensive for me to contemplate. Plus, Creation announced, the concert ticket itself is not enough, there has to be a pass to the convention too! O_o

Me too! I'm really really hoping some kind brave souls would secretly tape the performance and share with us. But seeing how Creation is screaming: "ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VISUAL RECORDING OF THE SESSION!", I'm afraid the security will be too tight for that to happen. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I don't need the whole session even, just a song or two will be enough for me!

From: [identity profile]

::sniff:: I'm afraid we may not get our wish. I just found out Creation said on their website that bags and personal belongings will be searched so that no cameras and/or cell phones can be brought in! :'(

From: [identity profile]

I think somebody really want a tight control over this Jam Session. [ profile] mrsr58 has a brilliant idea that we should all tweet Jason Mann and comment on his facebook begging him to record his Jam Session with Jensen! I don't know how good it'll do for this time, but at least we can put the idea out there and let Jason know there's a "market" for it!

I will cough up the dough for a DVD, and I suspect I'm not alone on that. *sigh*

From: [identity profile]

As I was about to reply your comment and saying I wish someone would secretly tape the session, I was alerted that Creation just stated at their website in flaming red caps screaming all bags and personal items are going to be searched, no cameras and cell phones are allowed! O_O


From: [identity profile]

Guhhh, I want to go to LA so bad now!!! I would sell my soul to Crowley for a seat in that room....this is my ultimate dream come true to see Jensen singing (live and in person).

BUT, since I just went to the San Fran Con and I'm broke now, Creation MUST work something out with them so the rest of the world can see and hear what a wonderful singer Jensen is.

*whimpers* I want to badly.....*whimpers*

From: [identity profile]

Oh hon, I'm in the EXACT same boat as you are! I want to see this so bad, but it's $400 already, and we have more than 8 days to go!

I just found out that Creation stated on their website all bags and personally belongings will be searched so that no cameras and cell phones can be brought in.

::cries hard::

From: [identity profile]

Put it this way, I have to ask your opinion about this, sweetie. Hehe, 'kidding! You don't have to if you don't want. ;)

I can only hope this goes well, and there might be a DVD coming out of it, or there may be future events like this, only to a bigger audience. *fingers crossed*

From: [identity profile]

In a few words, they are greedy, both Creation and the arists who participate. I feel now sorry for the fans.

From: [identity profile]

Ouch! ;)

I'm pretty sure Creation stands to make a little pocket money on this, and so does Jason and Jensen (even though it maybe a little drop in the bucket for Jensen). Although the event is so tiny, even with $500 and higher per ticket price, I doubt anyone can make that much after paying for the logistics.

In a way I can understand why they went the auction route. It is the only way to ensure the crowd is small while give everyone a fair chance at going at the tickets. That's the same logic behind how they go for the private Q&A too, I guess.

I also understand Jensen's desire to keep this a small intimate event as well. After all, he is not a musician, he may have jammed in private with other musicians, he is inexperienced at doing it live on stage for 45 minutes. That gotta be nerve racking for someone only plays for fun and is a bit of a perfectionist.

In the end, the fans who can't afford (like me), can't afford. And those who can, are the lucky ones get to experience what us peons can't. Such is life.

From: [identity profile]

That's why i wonder: Why intimate? Would the fans jump on their throats and boo them?

From: [identity profile]

Believe it or not, I've seen some quite nasty comments and remarks about Jensen's singings on YouTube and over the internet. So given he has never done something like this before, I can imagine him wanting to keep his audience small, and would appreciate seeing him perform. After all, when the people in the audience are willing to pay extra money to see him sing, he knows they love him already, so the pressure is off.

I have a feeling Jensen is really shy about performing in public. Sing one song here and there is entirely different in performing 45 minutes live on stage. And I wouldn't be surprised if Jason is the one instrumental in convincing him to do this after all these time, and all these fan requests for them to sing.

Jason did say that if this virgin performance goes well, there might be more like this down the road. Who knows, maybe if they sing well, they will release a CD or DVD of the live performance after all. But they are not committed to it because according to Jason, he doesn't want to add pressure for Jensen.

From: [identity profile]

Guh, it's probably a good thing neither going to nor bidding is not even a remotest option for me *g*
But now just *pondering* Jensen perform makes all kinds of butterflies flutter in my stomach. How can a single person be so accomplished in multiple talents, let alone looks? *swoon*

From: [identity profile]

IKR?!? Sometimes I think it's almost unfair how he got it all. Well, maybe not all because compared to Jamie, he doesn't have that shining degree from a prestigious university; but still, such immense talent! ♥

From: [identity profile]

I immediately thought of you when I first saw that. Heheh, maybe an early birthday gift from your hubby? :))

From: [identity profile]

See that prone body on the ground next to you in a puddle of tears? That was me!


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